Ian Graham
The International Hamburger Day Song   | 
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Oh, the borscht is best in Bamako.
Try Reykjavik's fried rice.
And the moussaka in Osaka
Has verve and vim and spice.
But for ethnic authenticity
There's nothing quite as nice
As to Have a Hamburger in Hamburg.

Well, the gnocchi in Kentucky
Are grilled at the right heat.
Koreans choose Seoul Mornay
For that extra special treat.
But there's only one thing for it
If you want to meet real meat.
Go and Have a Hamburger in Hamburg.

Crunch prawn crackers in Caracas
Or lean nonchalantly back as
You sample the fresh crab from the Dead Sea.
But you can keep your cold roast loin
Cos I'd much rather join
The ranks of the hambourgeoisie.

And the bouillabaisse in Inverness
Would grace the finest plate.
Sip Bourgignong with your egg foo yong
By the billabong. Cheers, mate.
But the rappers on the Reeperbahn
Will tell you of your fate.
You must Have a Hamburger in Hamburg.
Lyrics Credits: Ian Graham Copyright © 2015
Music Credits: Ian Graham Copyright © 2015
Producer Credits: Jos Nijs
Performance Credits: Ian Graham
Story Behind the Song:
Anthem to mark the solemn occasion of International Hamburger Day (28 May).

On the great day itself, for 24 hours only, the lyrics will also be the featured ode on my site www.ianodes.com where they will be enhanced by respectful artwork from Emilie Vercruysse.
Song Length: 1:29
Primary Genre: Folk-General
Secondary Genre: Unique-Comedy