Ian Graham
The Quirk   | 
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You asked for low lighting
When you first saw the flat.
Now the lamp's on the floor.
Can't get lower than that.
I've looked to your comforts
And even I think
I've covered your tastes
In the matter of drink.
Your warm lips are moist
With the chill of dry wine
Now I ask your indulgence
For just one quirk of mine.
Put on what I like.
Put on a good show.
Put those old lilting tunes on the stereo.

There's fiddles that fondle
And whistles that pierce.
There's harpstrings like heartstrings
With a beat that's so fierce.
There's songs that have lingered
From times far away
And their twilight is my light
This time of the day.
The piper is piping
A long slow air now.
Ah but if he speeds up
We'll still manage somehow.
Let the spell of it fill you
From head down to toe.
Put those old lilting tunes on the stereo.

Now the music has ended.
The tape has unwound
And a passing car's snore
Is the only new sound.
I can't see the clock's face
But one thing's for sure
It's much later now
Than it was just before.
The first daylight's warping
The cold street lamp's weave.
Slowly it's dawning
You'll soon have to leave.
Just once more but softly
So no one will know
Put those old lilting tunes on the stereo.
Lyrics Credits: Copyright © 2010 Ian Graham
Music Credits: Copyright © 2010 Ian Graham
Producer Credits: Jos Nijs (2014)
Performance Credits: Ian Graham (vocal, guitar). Jul Cortoos (solo guitar)
Short Song Description:
A song about my quirk for ... well, you'll find out. A version by the duo ROUTES. Beautiful, lacey guitar break by Jul Cortoos.
Song Length: 4:29
Primary Genre: Folk-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Folk-General
Language: English