Ian Graham
Ephémères/Mayflies   | 
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Music Credits: © Copyright 2016 Graham/Cortoos
Producer Credits: Jos Nijs
Performance Credits: Routes
Story Behind the Song:
Mayflies fascinate Belgian artist Françoise Laporte. As the world's oldest winged insects still in existence, mayflies have been around for some 300 million years. In French, they're called "éphémères", because of their very short adult lives. But they're also ephemeral in another way. They are highly sensitive to pollution. Just fifty years ago, mayflies still swarmed in their millions each year around some of Europe's major watercourses. Now, they've made themselves scarce. A warning that we too are ephemeral?

Françoise's work inspired the duo Routes (Jul Cortoos and Ian Graham) to create "Ephémères/Mayflies" as background music for one of her mobiles.

Video clip:
Song Length: 1:16
Primary Genre: Unique-Soundtracks
Secondary Genre: Folk-Alternative