Ian Graham
The Great St Patrick's Day Lockdown of 2020 (and 2021)   | 
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Come all ye would-be Irishmen
And Irishwomen too.
Put on green hats, red beards and then
Join in our happy crew.
We'll all dance off down to the pub.
We'll booze and do our nut.
"We'll not," says Pat. "Now there's the rub:
The feckin pub is shut."

And yer only man to win is
A leprechaun named Innis.
While all the trolls
Tote toilet rolls
He's been hoarding Guinness.

Come all ye rogues of every class,
Ye goodies and ye baddies,
Let's pass around the foaming glass
To duly mark Saint Paddy's.
Let's hug and kiss and sport and play.
Oh no, maybe let's not.
So Namaste, Saint Patrick's Day,
For I'm off to me cot.


Come all at social distance
Though far afield ye roam
Ye'd better seize this last chance
And quickly toddle home.
There's only one thing for us:
Take fiddle, drum and pipe
And sing a hearty chorus
With everyone on Skype.


Come all ye tender nurses
Who'll never do us harm.
Please hurry. Intersperse us
For a quick shot in the arm.
And we will not decry it
If you colour the vaccine.
We'll try it if you dye it
In brightest emerald green.


Lyrics Credits: © Ian Graham 2021
Music Credits: © Ian Graham 2021
Producer Credits: Ian Graham
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Ian Graham
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
Ancient lament for the fate of real or would-be Irish folk worldwide when St Patrick's Day (17 March) coincides with a lockdown.
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Song Length: 3:48
Primary Genre: World-Celtic
Secondary Genre: -
Language: English