Ian Graham
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The galleries we walked
Are redeveloped.
The mythic beasts we stalked
Are all enveloped.
Be careful who you meet.
Glass eyes are watching.
Be careful who you greet.
Suspicion's catching.

You asked me round to eat.
It was so deep-frozen.
You put it on the heat
That you had chosen.
You served it without spice
Or sauce or relish.
No savours to entice
No need to embellish.

Now we're both here I call
This meeting to order.
Don't let the motion fall.
Don't push the border.
The points you seek to name
Are so wide-ranging.
How can feelings stay the same
When minds are changing?

Words and music © 2010 Ian Graham
Lyrics Credits: Ian Graham © 2010
Music Credits: Ian Graham © 2010
Producer Credits: Jos Nijs, 2012
Performance Credits: Ian Graham, 2012
Song Length: 2:06
Primary Genre: Electronic-General
Secondary Genre: -
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Language: English